In Quest Of Kinraide:  5020 pages 

Otherworldly: 217 pages

Lonely hang-about Schwein


Forgotten electrical accidents and the birth of shockproof X-ray systems


Electrical Oscillators

Kinraide Glass Plate Negatives - 8x10" Negatives/Positives - 132MB

Kinraide Electrical Discoveries

Kinraide The Sun Moon and Stars

Kinraide Fragments Glass Plate Negatives 5x7

Kinraide Fragments Glass Plate Negatives 7x7

Kinraide Fragments Glass Plate Negatives 7x9

Kinraide Fragments Glass Plate Negatives 8x10 40MB

Kinraide Fragments Glass Plate Negatives 11x14

Kinraide Fragments Glass Plate Negatives Damaged 72MB

Kinraide's House Ravenscroft

Kinraide GB Patents 42MB

Kinraide US Patents 131MB

The Kinraide Coil

The Jackson Coil

Swett & Lewis

Curious Electrical Forms

22 May Film 148MB

1700s Books.pdf 

1896 German X-Ray Tube Working.pdf 

1910 Frank S BetzTesla Coil.pdf 

20 Handmade Wireless Lamps.pdf 

20 More Lamps.pdf 

3 Victor X-Rays.pdf 

Acquiring The Birtman Static Machine.pdf 

Alastair's Glass Cabinets.pdf 

Alpine Sunlamps.pdf 

American X-Ray.pdf 

American X-Ray Ads.pdf 

Andy Barr Collection.pdf 

Andy Wright Edwards Catalogue.pdf 

Arrival Of 1700s Static Machines.pdf 

Ass-Shaker Battle Creek Sanitarium Kellogg Tissue Oscillator.pdf 

Atlas Blasting Machine Frank Jones Collection.pdf 

Baby German X-Ray Tubes Also Frank Jones Collection.pdf 

Baby Oudin Coil.pdf 

Baby Tesla For Rudi.pdf 

Back Home in Pittsburgh.pdf 

Ball-Lightning Experiments 1.pdf 

Ball-Lightning Flaming Arc Experiments.pdf 

Behary Coil.pdf 

Behary Cosmic Ray Diffuser.pdf 

Behary Crackle Tubes.pdf 

Behary Electrography.pdf 

Behary Homemade Lamps From Chemistry Glass.pdf 

Behary Homemade Transformers.pdf 

Behary Induction Coil.pdf 

Behary Induction Lamps.pdf 

Behary Jacobs Ladder For OSHA.pdf 

Behary Lamp Display Case.pdf 

Behary Lamps Made From Test Tubes.pdf 

Behary Lamps With Carbon.pdf 

Behary Lightning-Screen.pdf 

Behary Lightning-Struck Crosses.pdf 

Behary Lightning-Struck Wood Art.pdf 

Behary Musical Spark Gap.pdf 

Behary Nebularium.pdf 

Behary Oil-Filled Pancake Coil.pdf 

Behary Oil-Filled PancakeCoil 2.pdf 

Behary Oudin Coil For Chris Hale.pdf 

Behary Pancake System For Grizzy.pdf 

Behary Photos For American Pickers.pdf 

Behary Plasma Columns.pdf 

Behary Poor Mans Induction Coil.pdf 

Behary Rosin Lamps.pdf 

Behary See-thru Diathermy Machines.pdf 

Behary Sparks.pdf 

Behary Stainless Steel Kinraide Coil.pdf 

Behary Sulphur Lamps.pdf 

Behary Table Top Conical Tesla Coil.pdf 

Behary Table Top Conical Coil 2.pdf 

Behary Table Top Conical Coil 3.pdf 

Behary Tesla Coil For Frank Jones.pdf 

Behary Tesla Oscillator Sparks.pdf 

Behary Tesla Wall Lamps.pdf 

Behary Tube To Produce Nodes.pdf 

Behary Tube To Produce Striations.pdf 

Behary Tuning Spark Gap.pdf 

Behary Uranium OxideTubes.pdf 

Behary Vacuum Lamp.pdf 

Behary Water Purifier Prototype.pdf 

BellJar Vacuum Photos.pdf 

BellJar Vacuum Photos2.pdf 

BellJar Vacuum Photos3.pdf 

Ben Franklin Electricity Book.pdf 

Benjamin Pike Static Machine.pdf 

Bianka Violet Ray Collector.pdf 

Bill Alexander's Last Paintings .pdf 

Bill Alexander's Masterpiece.pdf 

Bill Wysock.pdf 

Bill Wysock Funeral.pdf 

Bill Wysock Garage.pdf 

Bill Wysock Gifts.pdf 

Bill Wysock Machines.pdf 

Bill Wysock Meters.pdf 

Bill Wysocks Last Coil.pdf 

Boston Grogan Auction Photos 1.pdf 

Broken Filament Experiment.pdf 

Cameron Cauterodyne.pdf 

Campbell Brothers X-Ray.pdf 

Campbell Catalogues Diathermy.pdf 

Campbell E X-ray Restoration.pdf 

Campbell Patent.pdf 

Campbell Price List.pdf 

Campbell SureX.pdf 

Carre Arrival.pdf 

Carre Restoration.pdf 

Cathode Ray Tube.pdf 

Cathode Ray Tube With Coin.pdf 

Cavallo Electricity Magnetism.pdf 

Cavallo Of Light.pdf 

Coffield Washing Machine.pdf 

Coil For Frank Jones.pdf 

Columbia Violet Ray.pdf 

Conical Tesla Coil 2.pdf 

Conical Tesla Coil 3.pdf 

Conical Tesla Coils.pdf 

Construction Of Wireless Geissler Lamp.pdf 

Cooper Hewitt Bulb.pdf 

Corona From Hogan.pdf 

Corona Photos With Special Plates For Generating Ozone.pdf 

Corona Quartz Lens Camera1.pdf 

Corona Quartz Lens Camera2.pdf 

Corona Quartz Lens Camera3.pdf 

Corona Quartz Lens Camera4.pdf 

Corona Quartz Lens Camera5.pdf 

Crookes Mineral Tube.pdf 

Crookes Mineral Tube2.pdf 

Crookes Tube Photos.pdf 

Crookes Tube Pics Sent To Pavel Zajicek.pdf 

Crookes Tube with Flowers.pdf 

Cuthbertson Static.pdf 

DeKraft Diathermy.pdf 

Dental Archive AndyWright.pdf 

Diathermy Machines.pdf 

Dyne Electron Tesla Coil.pdf 

Early German X-Ray Tube In Box.pdf 

Edison Dynamo.pdf 

Edwards Violet Ray.pdf 

Edwards X-Ray Restoration.pdf 

Electrochemical Lichtenberg Figures.pdf 

Electrotherapy Museum Fans and Pics.pdf 

Epitome Electricity 1809.pdf 

Experimental Pancake Coil for FIT.pdf 

Experiment To Remove  Nickle From WasteWater.pdf 

Fire Analysed.pdf 

Fischer E.pdf 

Fischer G Tesla Coil.pdf 

Fischer G Tesla Coil2.pdf 

Fischer H Dental X-Ray.pdf 

Fischer Interrupterless.pdf 

Fischer JacobsLadder.pdf 

Fischer Portable K.pdf 

Fischer Portables.pdf 

Fischer Type F Violet Ray.pdf 

Fischer X-Ray1.pdf 

FIT Lecture Presentation.pdf 

Fitzgerald Electrodes.pdf 

Floor Model Tesla Coils.pdf 

Foote Pierson Induction Coil.pdf 

Former Life.pdf 

Fractals Sent Around The World.pdf 

Franklin Nairne.pdf 

Franklin Static Machine Restoration.pdf 

Frank S Betz Static Machine.pdf 

Franks New Tubes From Germany.pdf 

Frederick Finch Strong Scrap Book.pdf 

French Static Machine.pdf 

Fun With Dave Archer Fixing Bil Wysocks Tesla Coil.pdf 

Fun With Io.pdf 

GE Employees.pdf 

GE Inductotherm.pdf 

Geissler Lamp.pdf 

George Adams Electricity 1700s.pdf 

Giant Doughnut.pdf 

Gifts From Joe Carnation Plastic People O The Universe.pdf 

Globe Static Machine Creation.pdf 

Graham Foulkes.pdf 

Graham Wimshurst Machine.pdf 

Green Bauer X-Ray Tube.pdf 

Grizzy Spark Gap.pdf 

Grizzys Stuff.pdf 

Grizzy Tesla Coil CADs.pdf 

Grizzy Tesla Coil Construction Photos.pdf 

Grizzy Tesla Coil Construction Photos2.pdf 

Grizzy Tesla Coil First Light.pdf 

Grizzy Tesla Coil Low Power Testing.pdf 

Grizzy Tesla Coil Second Light.pdf 

Grizzy Tesla Coil Sparks.pdf 

Grizzy Toroids.pdf 

Gummy The Bulldog.pdf 

Gundelach Haus.pdf 

Hanovia Sunlamp Bulb.pdf 

Harry Goldman.pdf 

Harvard Kinraide Coils.pdf 

Harvey Peak Tesla Coil.pdf 


Hettinger X Ray Catalogue.pdf 

High Tension Kicking Coil.pdf 

High Tension Kicking Coil2.pdf 

Hi Tension Kicking Coil Arcs.pdf 

Hogan Arrival Bill Wysock.pdf 

Home Lamps2.pdf 

Homemade High Voltage Transformer.pdf 

Homemade Lamps.pdf 

Homemade Lamps To Show Vacuum Colours.pdf 

Hoyt Axton Coil Bill Wysock.pdf 

Inside Teslas Lab With Graham And Jim Hardesty.pdf 

Jerome Kidder Faradic2.pdf 

Jerome Kidder Faradic Coil.pdf 

Jones Static Machine London.pdf 

Joseph Priestley On Air.pdf 

July 1919 Electric Oscillators Tesla.pdf 

Keely Motor Colour.pdf 

Keely Stock Certificate Signed.pdf 

Keely Trial.pdf 

Kelly Dust Figures.pdf 

Kenneth Strickfaden.pdf 

Kidde Dry Ice Machine.pdf 

Kinraide 9x12s.pdf 

Kinraide Coil DC.pdf 

Kinraide Coil Final Pics.pdf 

Kinraide Coil High Res.pdf 

Kinraide Coil Tube Artifacts.pdf 


Kinraide Exposition1.pdf 

Kinraide Family.pdf 

Kinraide Family Photos From Don Harris.pdf 

Kinraide Negatives.pdf 

Kinraide Summer Home Hermitage.pdf 

Kni Low X-Ray.pdf 

Lee X RayTube.pdf 

Lichtenberg Figure Reference.pdf 

Lichtenberg Figures In Dust.pdf 

Long Island Notes.pdf 

Lutz Tesla Lamp.pdf 

Maltese Cross Tube.pdf 

Marble Spark Gap.pdf 

Marble Spark Gap2.pdf 

Master Violet Ray Vibrator.pdf 

McIntosh 8555.pdf 

McIntosh Cautery Transformer.pdf 

McIntosh Galvanic.pdf 

McIntosh Meter.pdf 

McIntosh Violet Ray.pdf 

Mejla Wearing Crocs.pdf 

Menu Autographed.pdf 

Mercury Interrupter.pdf 

Metal Casting.pdf 

Munchies Kitten.pdf 

Museum Cat Io.pdf 

Nairne Patent Electric Machine.pdf 

Oil Tester Transformer.pdf 

Old AC Motor Pic.pdf 

Oudin Coil For Andy Barr.pdf 

Pancake Coil Frequency Photos.pdf 

Pancake Kicking Coil.pdf 

Pancake Plasma Globe.pdf 

Persistance Of Nitrogen Tube.pdf 

Phantom Streamers Made With Quartz Lens Camera.pdf 

Piffard Safety Tube.pdf 

Pittsburgh Trip Warhol Museum Czech Underground Talk.pdf 

Portable Violet Ray Remco.pdf 

Puluj Tube.pdf 

Puluj Tube2.pdf 

Quenched Spark Gap.pdf 

Raper Dental X-Rays.pdf 

Rare X-Ray Tube.pdf 

Reactance Or Choke Coil.pdf 

Remembering Museum Cat Baby Bear.pdf 

Remembering Vlastimil Poddany.pdf 

Replica Calcium Tungstate Lamp.pdf 

Replica Curtis Coil.pdf 

Replica Flaming Arc Coil.pdf 

Replica Flaming Arc Coil2.pdf 

Replica Frederick Finch Strong Violet Wand.pdf 

Replica Jackson Coil.pdf 

Replica Jackson Coil Box.pdf 

Replica Jackson Coil Phantom Streamers.pdf 

Replica Jackson Coil Spark Gap.pdf 

Replica Jackson Coil Testing.pdf 

Replica Jackson Coil Testing2.pdf 

Replica Jackson Coil Testing3.pdf 

Replica Jackson Coil Testing4.pdf 

Replica Jackson Coil Testing5.pdf 

Replica Kicking Coil Complete.pdf 

Replica Kinraide Coil For Andy Barr.pdf 

Replicas Nairne Von Guericke.pdf 

Replica Tesla Oscillator.pdf 

Resistors From Mount Dora.pdf 

Restoring Hogan Transformer.pdf 

Restoration Betz Violet Ray.pdf 

Restoration Edwards Coil.pdf 

Restoration Edwards X-Ray.pdf 

Restoration Thomson Plaster Cabinet.pdf 

Rhumkorff Faradic.pdf 

Ritter Dental X-Ray.pdf 

Rose Tesla Coil.pdf 

Rose X-Ray.pdf 

Rotary Spark Gap.pdf 

Rotating Anode X-Ray.pdf 

Shelton Vibrator.pdf 

Shock Proof X-Ray Catalogue.pdf 

Shock Therapy Machine From Asylum.pdf 

Simplex X-Ray.pdf 

Snook Arrival.pdf 

Snook In Attic.pdf 

Snook Photos Canada.pdf 

Snook X-Ray.pdf 

Snovonne Video.pdf 

Sodium Light.pdf 

Speaking Flame Jeff and Hogan.pdf 

Sperti Sunlamp.pdf 

Static Electrodes.pdf 

Static Sparks With Quartz Lens Camera.pdf 

Static Sparks With Quartz Lens Camera2.pdf 

Strickfaden Arrival Photos.pdf 

Strickfaden Artifacts From Bill Wysock.pdf 

Strickfaden Coil 1.pdf 

Strickfaden Coil 2.pdf 

Strickfaden Coil 3.pdf 

Strickfaden Coil 3 B.pdf 

Strickfaden Coil 4.pdf 

Strickfaden Coil 5 .pdf 

Strickfaden Coil 6.pdf 

Strickfaden Coils 1 and 2.pdf 

Strickfaden Coils 7 8.pdf 

Strickfaden Condenser.pdf 

Strickfaden Jacobs Ladder.pdf 

Swett & Lewis AC X-Ray Tube.pdf 

Swett & Lewis Faradic Battery.pdf 

Swett & Lewis Static Machines.pdf 

Tesla Ashes.pdf 

Tesla Lamp Article.pdf 

Testing Homemade Transformer.pdf 

Teylers Museum Haarlem.pdf 

Thomas Stanley Curtis Tesla Coil.pdf 

Thunder Lightning.pdf 

Thwaites XRay.pdf 

Tiberius Cavallo.pdf 

Triboluminescent Tube.pdf 

Universal Aloe.pdf 

UV Lamps.pdf 

VeeDee Massager.pdf 


Victor Rotary Spark Gap.pdf 

Victor X-Ray Coil Working.pdf 

Violet Ray Coil Display Cases.pdf 

Violet Ray Tube X-Ray Vacuum.pdf 

Violin Tesla Coil For Dad.pdf 

Waite & Bartlett X-Ray.pdf 

Wantz X-ray.pdf 

Wappler Archive.pdf 

Wappler Cautery.pdf 

Wappler Family.pdf 

Wappler Faradic.pdf 

Wappler Violet Ray.pdf 

Wappler Violet Ray From Bill Wysock.pdf 

Wappler Wall Plate.pdf 

Wappler X-Ray.pdf 

Wappler X-Ray2.pdf 

Wappler X-Ray Tubes.pdf 

Wappler X-Ray Tubes2.pdf 

Wardenclyffe With Frank.pdf 

Weather Channel Fulgerites.pdf 

Western Oscilloclast.pdf 

Western Piffard.pdf 

Weston Polyphase Meter.pdf 

X-Ray Slides.pdf 

X-Ray Supplies.pdf 

X-Ray Tubes.pdf 

X-Ray Viewer.pdf 

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